Grant Program and Grants Funded by Year

Grant Program

Wharton faculty members are regularly supported by grants provided by the Fishman-Davidson Center that aim to enhance our educational curriculum and identify intriguing research questions. Additionally, the Fishman-Davidson Center supports research projects with individual companies, partnerships that bring companies together over like-minded issues, and conferences to promote the interchange of information between industry and academics in the manufacturing and service sectors.

Request for Proposals

The Fishman Davidson Center for Service and Operations Management is currently accepting proposals to support seed research grants to faculty. The typical grant will be in the range of $5,000 to $10,000. The grants will be awarded to projects that support research that aligns with the mission and current research activities of the Center, which can be found through our prior publications and through our previously funded research.

The objective of these awards is to promote research that will lead to additional sponsors, industry participation and publications in top tier journals.  The funding can be used for research expenses such as salary support, research assistants, travel, etc.  We will also entertain funding to support industry-academia conferences and forums in specific topic areas that are timely and consistent with the center’s mission.

The research proposal should consist of a one-page description of the proposed project, the project team and a tentative budget. The deadline for submission is June 25th 2025.

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