Books, Reports and Cases


The New Science of Retailing: How Analytics are Transforming Supply Chains and Improving Performance, Marshall Fisher and Ananth Raman, Harvard Business School Press (2016)


Off-, On- or Reshoring: Benchmarking of Current Manufacturing Location Decisions
Morris Cohen, Shiliang Cui, Ricardo Ernst, Arnd Huchzermeier, Panos Kouvelis, Hau Lee, Hirofumi Matsuo, Marc Steuber, Andy Tsay (2016)


New Thinking at New Balance
Marshall Fisher and Edwin Keh (2013)

Marshall Fisher (2010)

Luen Thai B: Coping with Rising Wages
Marshall Fisher, Wharton Case Study (2010)

Luen Thai A: Strategy for a Post Quota World
Marshall Fisher, Wharton Case Study (2007)

Wawa Store Execution
Marshall Fisher and Jayanth Krishnan (2004)

Supply Chain Management at World Co. Ltd.
Raman, Ananth, Anna McClelland and Marshall Fisher, Harvard Business School Case #: 601072-PDF-ENG (2001)